Collaboration and sponsors so far

Direct Member Sponsor

Collaborations ordered by order of arrival !!

14RC581 Olivier Dupont

32RC213 (Paco) Francisco Ruiz Almenara 

43RC207 Steve Norris

15KP001 - 15RF078
15CR078 - 15IRR078 
Daniel DX

13LR890 Heiner Hans

Thanks to Gabriel Argentinian
Radio Amateur Operator, for your collaboration !!

14RC066 Rossend Sisques

201RC001 Chris

13RC020 Martin Weichler

56KP101 Pierre Poivre 

 9RC225  Martin Houle

Local Collaborations Brazil

Thanks to my friend from Sao Paulo Brazil 
Rogerio 3RC070 
for his local collaboration 
in the Amazon Project

Thanks to my friend from Brasilia DF 
3RC414 Cleverson 
for his local collaboration 
in the Amazon Project

Foundations and Shops Collaborate

102RC001 Sal Al

Once again my friend Chris Fox NI4L joins with his incredible antennas 
(We will be testing new dipoles), 
Thanks my friend !!

I want to thank my great friend Angel Lana Arpon who is collaborating with a 27 Mhz amplifier for the Amazon project. 3RC011 Angel Lana Arpon Will be QSL manager of the Amazonas Project.